Welcome to my blog. I document my adventures in becoming an American, travel, and my home city of San Francisco. Hope you enjoy!

The List

1. Shotgun a beer
5. Go to a monster truck show
6. Do a beer bong
12. Read a classic American novel
14. Drive a truck (and not hit anything)
17. Sell lemonade
19. Go fishing 
21. Start a blog  (obvi this is already checked off)
22. Go on a shopping spree
23. Get a patriotic tattoo
24. Go to a football game
27. Join the army (per Gabby's note- this is not recommended) 
29. Visit Mount Rushmore
30. Watch the Miss America pageant
31. Host an Oscar party
32. Get involved in a cause I believe in
37. Go to New Orleans for Mardis Gras
38. Drive across the country
39. Go to a drive-in movie
40. Serve on a jury
41. Host a super bowl party
42. Celebrate the 4th of July 
43. Go to the county fair and eat cotton candy
44. Set off fireworks
45. Learn how to two-step
46. Go to Stagecoach 
47. Shake hands with President Obama
48. Go to all 50 states (I'm keeping track of those here).
49. Go to Graceland
50. Go to the Kentucky Derby
51. Eat something ridiculously deep fried (ie. deep fried Oreo)
52. Hike Half Dome
53. Go to the Grand Canyon
54. Go to the batting cages
All 50 States (15/50)

All 50 States (15/50)